Last Saturday morning (Jan, 26th 2013) my feet took me to Grogol bus station. Someone s waiting for me there while motorcyce taxi s bringing me. Panji, a younger kid from State University of Yogyakarta (UNY) who s doing it. Promise meet at 6 a.m, but yeah – i was late hahaha finally met at 8 a.m. From Grogol, we went to Muara Angke animal sanctuary in north jakarta. Traffic jam vs time for meeting point with others, oh please it s killing us softly! Running, we arrived at about 9.30 a.m, met Mas Ady Kristanto (Wildlife Photographer), Mas Hendra (Transformasi Hijau agent), and Choir (The National University – UNAS). Others re on their way – starting the census. Yep, we re here for doing the Asian Waterbird Census 2013!

Few minutes ahead, Choir and Panji + Mas Hendra and I start birdwatching at conservation forest area. Using 2 binoculars on Panji and Choir, a note book and a pocket camera on me, and a camcorder on Mas Hendra, we re working. Start at 9.35 and finish at 11.30, taking 2 hours at least, we got 25 specieses of birds! 12 specieses of waterbirds included, here they are with the numbers:
1. Ixobrychus sinensis | Yellow Bittern | Bambangan Kuning (3)
2. Ixobrychus cinnamomeus | Cinnamon Bittern | Bambangan Merah (1)
3. Ardeola speciosa | Javan Pond-Heron | Blekok Sawah (14)
4. Ardea cinerea | Grey Heron | Cangak Abu (1)
5. Bulbucus ibis | Western Cattle Egret | Kuntul Kerbau (7)
6. Butorides striatus | Striated Heron | Kokokan Laut (1)
7. Egretta garzetta | Little Egret | Kuntul Kecil (5)
8. Anhinga melanogaster | Oriental Darter | Pecuk Ular Asia (1)
9. Nycticorax nycticorax | Black-crowned Night-Heron | Kowak Malam Kelabu (5)
10. Amaurornis phoenicurus | White-breasted Waterhen | Kareo Padi (9)
11. Actitis/Tringa hypoleucos | Common Sandpiper | Trinil pantai (1)
12. Anas gibberifrons | Sunda teal | Itik Benjut (4)

Beyond the waterbirds, here the list of specieses we met  at the conservation forest area: 
13. Gerygone sulphurea | Golden-bellied Gerygone | Remetuk Laut
14. Alcedo coerulescens | Small Blue Kingfisher | Raja Udang Biru 
15. Orthotomus ruficeps | Ashy Tailorbird | Cinenen Kelabu 
16. Rhipidura javanica | Pied Fantail | Kipasan Belang
17. Treron vernans | Pink-necked Green-Pigeon | Punai Gading
18. Passer montanus | Eurasian Tree Sparrow | Burung Gereja
19. Acrocephalus orientalis | Oriental Reed-warbler | Kerak Basi 
20. Columba domestica | Domesticated Pigeon | Merpati
21. Artamus leucorhynchus | White-breasted Woodswallow | Kekep Babi
22. Streptopelia chinensis | Spotted Dove | Tekukur Biasa
23. Collocalia linchi | Cave Swiftlet | Walet linchi
24. Dendrocopos moluccensis | Sunda Woodpecker | Caladi tilik
25. Todirhampus chloris | Collared Kingfisher | Cekakak Sungai 

Unpredictable, we met the big Mudskipper (Periophthalmus sp.), we called in Indonesia  Ikan Glodok! Both Sunda teal and Mudskipper, I met for the first time! Amazing ^^ For Common Sandpiper, Panji and Choir met him, but I didnt – oh poor me I havent met him yet! 🙁 But stupidly, I was laughing at Panji and Choir who re afraid of a dog we met hahahaha 😀 Mas Hendra and his camcorder enjoy making the video and talking to residents about their activity: plucking the Rhizopora sp.

Sunda Teal – forced zoom (copyright belongs to Eci)

Mudskipper – digiscoping (copyright belongs to Eci)

About 12 p.m we met the other teams. Gusti and Adam from UNAS, Dhany from University of Indomesia (UI), Kak Diaz from university that I m in – The State University of Jakarta (UNJ), and two other girls I havent known yet. Actually 1 more agent of this Asian Waterbird Census 2013 at Muara Angke animal sanctuary, Marsya from UI but she went home first after having the data. Combining the data from all the teams, the result is there are 15 specieses of waterbirds. It means, my team didnt get 3 specieses – Phalacrocorax sulcirostris, Egretta alba, and Gallinula chloropus. 

After having the total data, we concluded that Amaurornis phoenicurus / White-breasted Waterhen / Kareo Padi dominated the sanctuary and its around with 25 individuals. Ardeola speciosa / Javan Pond-Heron / Blekok Sawah took the 2nd place by its number for 21 individuals. 

Yeah, what a great day! Thanks for Transformasi Hijau, BBC UNAS, Diving Club UNAS, COMATA UI, CANOPY UI, KSP Macaca UNJ and ofcourse my pride KPB Nycticorax UNJ for giving this best experience, see you next on Asian Waterbirds Census or other conservationist’s events.

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