The Nami of Love (Gelombang Kasih)

March 11th, 2011
Was a bleak moment on earth
Bumi menangis, bumi tersedu*
Earthquake and tsunami strucked Japan
It wiped out all things on Tohoku city

The tremble felt on Sendai and Honsu
It trembled our heart to in Indonesia
Kami berduka*

The devastation brought sympathies
We all gathered along to bring hope again
Hand on hand to bring smiles back to Japan
Mari bergandengan tangan mencari secercah harapan*

Jangan bersedih, sahabat*
No more look of losses and grieves, our tomodachi
Let the beauty of Sakura’s hanami emerge again
No more tears in your beautiful country

This is The Nami of Love from Indonesia
Gelombang kasih kami*
This is our emphaty, also from victims of Tsunami Aceh

Kembalilah bersemi, Jepang!*
Aishiteru Tohoku!
Kami bersamamu, selalu*
Ganbare, Nihon!

April 2nd, 2011
09.00 a.m

PS: This poem has been read for Smile Donation to Tohoku at Museum Fatahilah Jakarta by Asqarini.

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